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A Jeep is the perfect rental car for an adventurous holiday on Curacao

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Jeep Gladiator for Rent on Curacao

The only car rental with Jeep Gladiators on Curacao

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Are you visiting Curacao for a holiday or for business and need a nice rental car?
You come to the right place!
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Us

We are know for our excellent service and quick response, we are a dynamic car rental company with high quality rental cars. We can deliver you car on every location on the island, including the airport. We have 2 offices, one in the neighborhood Santa Maria and the other one in Bottelier. We always have a spare rental car available just in case.

All our prices are including taxes, there are no hidden fees.

When you are coming with young children, we have offer a complementary Maxicosi, child car seat or seat booster.


GPS Navigation Available

Never get lost again?
We offer a FREE road map of Curacao and also have Curacao GPS Navigation systems for rent at just $4 day.

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